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Shenzhen Xinwen Electronic Limited was founded in 2008£¬it is a national high-tech enterprise ,which is specialized in dependence research and development£¬production and sales in the field of lithium battery modules.Since its establishment£¬the company always takes responsibility for searching all users of global mobile power /back-up power/energy storage power.Xinwen has become a global leading supplier of customized lithium solutions and products,after 10 years business development in battery manufacture industry ,it has nearly 5400 square meters non-dust with  200 empolyees.
Shenzhen Xinwen electronic Limited has set up a strong R&D team covering product development ,engineering design, test and verification, manufacturing and other fields.
Technical Center of Xinwen includes Electronics, power, Structure, Process, Electrochemical and other professional technical category. In addition, Xinwen has laid the core competence of  lithium battery customization service as it is based on application of advanced lithium technology that is multiple series and parallel combinations with professional manufacturing.
Xinwen specializes in customized Lithium schemes and products which are widely applied to Military, medical, financial, communications, security, transportation, logistics, mining, consumer electronics and other fields, the company can also produce high-rate, high/low temperature and large batteries  for special  purposes  besides  the  common  polymer  li-ion batteries£¬which ensures the advanced of production process and technology£¬in accordance with the standards of CE, UN,UL and ROHS. Through improving its production and testing equipments, the company is becoming the trustworthy partner of concerned enterprise.
Based on open foresight, Xinwen is continuing to deepen strategic cooperation around the world.Facing the changes of users¡¯ personalizing, diversified and international needs, Xinwen insists on the operating principle that we should provide customized Lithium schemes and products for worldwide users and seeks common development with Global customers and partners.
Xinwen Electronic Limited was founded in 2008£¬which was a national high-tech enterprise and specialized in Lipo Battery, lithium  polymer battery, lithium ion battery, RC lipo battery, ultra thin battery, 3.7V battery,Lipo Battery,Li-ion Battery,18650 Battery£¬Li-ion Polymer Battery.As for battery manufacturing,We have 10 years experience and nearly 5400 square meters non-dust workshop with  200 employees.

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