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China rapid development of lithium-ion batteries
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China's new energy policy in recent years has attracted worldwide attention, the financial times reported. And in the competitive lithium battery market, China is becoming the master.
Reported that not long ago, the government called for Chinese domestic battery business in 2020 will increase capacity of electric vehicle batteries doubled, to encourage them to invest and build factories overseas. With automakers increasing their investment in electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries will be a key technology for at least the next 10 years, creating a huge market. Goldman estimated that by 2025 the market will be worth $40 billion, and the dominant China.
Goldman presented data show that in 2013, China surpassed South Korea to become the world's largest electronic equipment supplier of lithium battery. A year later, as China's electric car market began to take off, this leading edge to further expand. In 2016, China sold 507 thousand pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, an increase of 50% over the previous year. China lithium battery for the rapid development of the scale, the fund management company baring global resources stocks director Duncan Goodwin evaluation said, "Japanese invented it, South Koreans seeking to expand production scale, and Chinese eventually occupy a dominant position, because the market is in China."  And Chinese lithium battery was able
to catch up from behind, mainly because of price factors.           
Report analysis, on foreign battery manufacturers, than not subsidies or encounter obstacles to their concerns, is Chinese battery manufacturer Tesla biggest advantage compared to competitors such as: obtaining raw materials. Over the past year, Chinese companies have repeatedly sold lithium ion supply chains, buying cobalt, lithium and other mining assets to reduce costs.
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