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Proper use of lithium batteries
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Lithium batteries are a widely used energy storage and conversion device because of their excellent electrochemical performance to achieve small-to-medium-to-large market scenarios, when we talk about the correct use of lithium batteries, we usually refer to small applications, namely consumer electronics, such as smartphones. Laptop computers. Because large and medium-sized applications are based on small application technologies, small applications have common characteristics, while large and medium-sized applications are much more complex. Usually, medium-sized applications are on new energy vehicles, commonly known as power batteries; large-scale applications are usually on base stations, commonly known as energy storage batteries. So when we talk about the use of lithium batteries, it is customary to confine lithium batteries to small applications.



The working principle of lithium battery is nothing more than charging to store energy, discharge into other energy and release. There are three ways to use lithium batteries correctly: correctly charging, correctly discharging and correctly maintaining.



Correct charging method for lithium battery



Seize time and avoid overcharging. The right time to do the right thing, although lithium batteries themselves have excellent electrochemical performance, however, any thing deviates from the balance state will have a security risk. Come to the point,



1. when charging is done. In the early days of smartphones, every mobile phone manufacturer, for the sake of protecting their own interests, tended to emphasize the use of original chargers (including charging lines) to charge electrical equipment. Some manufacturers designed special data lines and did not support other chargers (including charging lines). Later, as smartphones and laptops became more and more widely used, it became clear that this was a cocoon-binding process, so now everyone has basically unified the standard, a charger / wire that can charge different brands and properties of electrical appliances. It's easy to charge. One of the problems users should pay attention to is to keep the battery with normal power at all times. Normally, when the electricity is too low, the cell phone and the laptop will be reminded that you need to make up the electricity in time. Although the electricity is too low will not lead to direct safety accidents, but overuse, over time will cause damage to the battery structure.



2, fill it up. Lithium-ion batteries are also made up of many components inside the battery, the new battery is good, if it is used for a long time, which components may decline in function, so there will be an overcharge safety risk. Several of the typical accidents that Samsung and Apple were exposed were caused by electrical appliances owners putting their phones on the bedside while sleeping to recharge their batteries, eventually causing burning and explosions.



3, avoid using one mind for two purposes. The author has had the experience, while charging the use of mobile phones, especially when playing games, it is very easy to feel hot mobile phones, the truth is very simple, mobile phones equal to two jobs at the same time, which makes it have to pay extra labor, the body will naturally heat.



Correct discharge method for lithium battery



Charge in time and prevent release. Ordinary mobile phone users are not aware of the dangers of over-exposure, because there are usually no reports of safety incidents. Moreover, some people even think that regular deep discharge is beneficial to the maintenance of battery performance. This is not true, because the memory effect of lithium batteries can be neglected, there is no deep discharge to eliminate the memory effect of the argument. Theoretically, the total cycle life of lithium batteries with deep discharges is longer, but the risk is that excessive discharges will cause the battery voltage to be too low to charge properly, and sometimes it will take a long time to turn on, or even turn on. The two harms should be taken lighter and have a shorter service life than not being able to use them. Therefore, users of mobile phones and laptops are advised not to use black screens frequently.



Proper maintenance of lithium battery



The temperature is suitable to prevent cold and heat. In idle, lithium batteries usually do not occur safety incidents, the daily maintenance is to make lithium batteries in the right environment, thereby delaying battery aging. In fact, one of the design parameters of lithium batteries is the appropriate temperature, relatively speaking, low temperature is not a big problem, but if placed at a higher temperature, the saying goes, things will be the opposite, but also a safety problem. What we mean by idleness is that in normal circumstan