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Welding Tool and Repair Method for 18650 Lithium Battery
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Welding tools and repair methods for 18650 lithium battery. As an electronic enthusiast, occasionally need to weld 18650 lithium batteries, lithium batteries cycle life of about 600 times. If charged more times, the thermal movement of the molecule will gradually destroy the internal molecular arrangement and structure, and the storage charge efficiency will gradually decrease. Therefore, lithium batteries also need to be repaired.



Nickel ears are usually welded by spot welder, which is welded by equipment.



If manual soldering is used, it can be divided into the following two cases.



1. The ear is nickel sheet. WE88C wire can be used to weld with WE88C-F flux.



2. If the ear is aluminium sheet, it can be welded with M51-F flux with M51 wire at 179 degrees low temperature.



Welding Method of Electric Soldering Iron for 18650 Lithium Battery



As we know, the shell of 18650 lithium battery is steel. Without special spot welding machine, it is very difficult to weld with electric soldering iron. Of course, there are also powerful battery flux, which can easily weld 18650 batteries with ordinary soldering iron. But this strong flux is corrosive, not only to the battery shell and cathode, but also to the soldering head. So how to weld 18650 lithium battery and lithium battery pack without battery spot welding machine?



1. Scrape the parts to be welded with a knife or file first



2. Because the material of cathode is difficult to tin, it's better to grind a little.



3. In order to prevent damage to 18650 lithium batteries caused by high temperature, wet cloth should be used to wrap the batteries.



4. One hand holds the battery with solder wire, and the other hand solders it with sufficient temperature solder iron, so as to tin the positive pole of the battery.



Repair Principle of 18650 Lithium Battery



Low temperature can change the electrolyte inside the lithium battery and promote the chemical reaction of the battery which has just been frozen. The use of lithium batteries is actually a charging and discharging process. During this period, the negative and positive charges in the battery collide with each other. The reason why batteries are becoming less and less useful is that at normal room temperature, the internal kinetic energy of electrons is relatively large, so the batteries are in active state and leakage is relatively frequent. When lithium batteries are placed in low temperature environment, the micro-structure of lithium film and electrolyte on the surface of lithium batteries and their interface will change significantly, which will cause the interior of the batteries to be temporarily inactive and the leakage current to be reduced. So after recharging, the standby time of the mobile phone will increase.



Deep discharging of mobile phones is to achieve deeper recharging by depleting internal power, which requires some unconventional methods. Find a way to connect the cell phone to a 1.5V small light bulb. The electricity inside the lithium battery will be transmitted to the small light bulb until all the light is shining. "Cell phones need to use up electricity slowly at lower voltages. Normally, if the cell phone is connected below the rated voltage of 3.6 volts, it will shut down automatically. The recharged cell phone batteries can last longer after the power is discharged.



Repair Method of 18650 Lithium Battery



1. Remove all your batteries and use temperature treatment. When the temperature is unstable, the batteries will greatly shorten the use time, because the batteries are dead and a considerable part of lithium ion has memory electricity. This way, the memory electricity can be released. Winter is coming, put it outside for a while, and then go to the house.



2. Another way is to take off the battery and put it away for about a week, so that the electricity will be consumed slowly. It needs to be consumed completely by the machine first. Then full charge, recharge time must be very short, after full charge, disconnect and re-charge, repeated several times, absolutely effective.



3. In order to activate 18650 lithium-ion batteries thoroughly, it is necessary to charge and discharge them several times. Discharge circuit is composed of resistance and light emitting diode, which can estimate the state of discharge by light emitting diode.



Battery repair refers to the maintenance of secondary rechargeable batteries with reduced performance or failure by physical or chemical means. The capacity of batteries can be restored, the service life of 18650 lithium batteries can be prolonged and the performances of batteries can be improved by repair.



These are the welding tools and repair methods for 18650 lithium batteries. In addition, developing good habits is also a shortcut to prolong the life of lithium batteries.

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